Emily Newhouse is a mostly self-taught astrologer certified by the International Society of Astrological Research. She has studied with Anne Ortelee, Annabel Gat and has a Horary Practitioner’s certificate from the School of Traditional Astrology. She was also been on the board of the Association of Young Astrologers. She is a fiery Sagittarius rising with a nurturing and loving Cancer sun and a highly imaginative and empathetic Pisces moon.

Now let’s switch to first person because third person is weird..

My goal as an astrologer is to empower you to make decisions about your life, explore new interests, understand love, grief, jealousy, anger, sadness, inertia etc…Basically everything under the sun. People usually come to me at a time of uncertainty and in their lives but who are also generally on the a right path. Perhaps that will change but that has been my experience so far. So if you’re reading this, if you’ve stumbled upon ME as an astrologer, then you’re probably just going through a rough patch in which you just need some love and encouragement. You are also probably very talented, intelligent, and intuitive. I am not trying to flatter you. I just know the kinds of people that find me! They just need a little encouragement and reassurance that where they think they are going is in fact where the universe wants them to go.

Astrology is a language, a way of understanding the universe, soul, and how the soul and universe all fit together. Each planet is an expression of a part of the world/you. Where the planets were when you were born and where they are NOW in relation to where they were when you were born is how I come to an understanding of what the universe wants you to learn right now ( and some other more complicated techniques I can’t quite explain here), what you’re being asked to look at, to step up to, and to let go of.

I will say this because I think it’s so important. If you think there is ONE thing astrology wants of you or ONE way a planet works in your chart or only ONE path in life you can follow. Never fear, for their are MANY hence “Many Ways Astrology.”

You always have a choice. (Except when you don’t. We don’t choose our parents or are childhood for example.)

My Method

The consultation is a back and forth between you the client and me the astrologer in which we together get a deeper understanding of what’s going on for you and what the universe is trying to say. If you’re just looking for a string of predictions for a 6-month or year period I suggest you see my resources page as astro.com does this really well.

I am a Western astrologer who works with the Placidus house system, transits and progressions. Let’s break that down. “Western” means that I studied in the astrological tradition of Mesopatamia, Egypt, Greco-Roman, and Medieval Europe (as opposed to India (Vedic) or China (the Chinese yearly zodiac).

I would say my practice is a blend of psychological and classical astrology. I have studied a lot in the psychological approach, that each planet has a higher and lower form and it’s all represented with the chart. And I have studied classical astrology which posits that the most important and relevant planets are the ones we see with the naked eye and that, just as in life, some are generally a help, and some can be hindering.

I have worked with the Tarot for a long time and I may pull one or two cards if I feel called to.