Book a Consultation

45 minute astrology consultation- $100

In the 45 minute session, we will look at your whole chart and together discuss any problems, worries, blocks, or existential dilemma you may be having. In my experience, people usually go to astrology when they at an impasse of some kind. I will look at the transits and progressions of the planets to see what is going on, what the universe is asking you to learn, and help you in whatever way I can by letting you know ways to deal, actions to take, or just tell you “hey it’s all gonna be ok” and here’s why. This can be done my phone, skype, or in person. If you’re in the New York area, I highly recommend an in person consultation.


10-20 minute question- $40

This is 10-20 minutes depending on how complicated the question is. This will typically be done by phone in or in person if you happen to be in the neighborhood! In this case I will look at one or two specific areas of the chart to see the energies at work and how you can work with them.


E-Reading- $25

Like a basic question except done entirely over email. 1-2 Pages double spaced Times New Roman. I will take a look at your chart and see what’s upcoming and what seems important to point out. If you ask me question, I can be more specific, if not it will be more general. Turn around time is 48 hours.