What do you do?

 A horoscope or astrological chart is a picture of the sky when you were born. I look at the placement of the planets and what part of the sky they were at the time, as well as their relationship to each other to gain a better understanding of you. I THEN look at what transits (where the planets are at the time of the consultation) and your secondary progressions( harder to explain these) are telling me. I tell you what planetary energies I see that are coming to the forefront, bringing you good stuff, or that you are having difficulty with. We talk about it and I help you deal with whatever is going on with you that inspired you to ask for planetary guidance.

Do you do palmistry or read Tarot cards?

I don’t do palmistry. I do sometimes pull a card or two to get more clarification on the chart.

Can you see angels, faeries, speak to dead, or talk to my guides?

No I am not a medium or a psychic.

Can you predict the future?

I can NOT tell what EXACTLY is going to happen in the future. That would imply your destiny is fixed and then what would be the point. What I CAN tell you is what energies you are working with and how best to navigate them. As my homepage says there are MANY ways to read a chart. You do have some free will. You decide in what way you will use the planet energies

I want to find out more about astrology!

Please see my Resources page.

I want to read my horoscope! Do you write horoscopes?

I don’t. Please see my Resources page for some great recs!

Where are you?

I live and work in Brooklyn, NY.

How Much?

Depends on what you book! Consultations range from $25 for an e-mailed reading to $100 for a full 45 minute consultation. Please see here for a breakdown of these.

Terms and Conditions


Payment is due in full at the time of the booking. I have do three kinds of consultations. Please see here for a breakdown of these.

Cancellation Policy

I have a 3-day cancellation policy. I like to take some time to vibe with the chart.  I feel I get a deeper understanding of it and you that way.


If you have an emergency, you must call 911. If your situation is so pressing that you feel you need to speak to me right away, please see a mental health professional. There are astrologers who are also licensed therapist but I am not one of them.

Legal Disclaimer

As per NY state law, all consultations are for entertainment purposes only.